Total Odour management system TOM

Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS), better known as electronic noses (e-noses), applied to the continuous monitoring of odour emissions, provide a perfect representation of the real-time odour impact of the plant at the location, calculated using mathematical dispersion modelling.

Sistema di monitoraggio dell’impatto olfattivo 1E-noses, installed on the sources of the plant or around its perimeter, provide the emitted odour concentration and flow data necessary to produce real-time odour plumes using mathematical dispersion modelling and current weather data transmitted by the local or public meteorological station.

The system is an essential tool for plant operators, who receive plant data in real-time including scheduled maintenance and unforeseen events in terms of olfactory impact on the environment.
The programme is used to check and where required validate odour complaints by comparing them to odour emissions data recorded in the past.

Sistema di monitoraggio dell’impatto olfattivo 2
The possibility to receive alarm messages on a mobile phone if the set limits are exceeded, as well as access information on a dedicated website with exclusive access, makes the system the best solution for any plant with odour-related problems.