Static hood sampler

The CCK2 static hood sampler is used for taking air samples from active area sources such as bio-filter beds. It consists of two main parts: a pyramid frustum with a known base area and a stack with a known diameter on top. Openings in the stack allow for sample collection and measurement of physical source parameters. CCK2 is made of odourless, inert material (stainless steel).

The static hood sampler is designed and built in compliance with the Guidelines and Regional Laws currently in force (Lombardy Regional Guidelines No. IX / 3018 of 15 February 2012, “Guidelines for the characterization and authorization of gaseous emissions into the atmosphere from an odour-impact activities”, Puglia Regional Law No. 23 of 16 April 2015 and ARTA Abruzzo Guidelines for monitoring gaseous emissions from composting and bio-drying plants).

The static hood CCK2 can be designed and built to meet specific customer requirements.

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