SM100i Ultra portable olfactometer

Scentroid SM100i is an in-field odour-measuring device that allows users to accurately quantify ambient odour strength through numerous instantaneous measurements taken by receptive sensors.

Olfattometro da campo automatico SM100i 1

The SM100i features an interchangeable calibrated set which can measure odours concentration not only in the air, but also from samples collected in Nalophan bags, both immissions and emissions; using a valve, it is possible to connect an air filled bag to the dilution device and take measurements.

This new field olfactometer allows the quantification of olfactive sensitivity of the evaluators, using a Nalophan bag containing a gaseous mixture at a determined butanol concentration, the European standard for odour.

Olfattometro da campo automatico SM100i 2The SM100i field olfactometer can be used by an operator with normal olfactive sensitivity after a short training course; therefore, the possibility of achieving olfactometric measurements compatible with those of the laboratory opens new perspectives for those running potentially odorous plants, where they can run preliminary environmental impact checks as well as odour emission, while waiting to complete the usual odour measurements at the laboratory.

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