SC300-P scientific olfactometer

Scentroid SC300-P (Scientific Olfactometer) is a specialized multi-sensory olfactometer with EEG and FNIR capabilities for advance psychological and physiological research and treatment. The SC300-P has been used by researchers and doctors to research and treat a variety of disorders including Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

Olfattometro da ricerca SC300-P 2

All mass flow controllers, solenoid valves have 100% stainless steel wetted surfaces. All tubing, nose masks, even table and dividers are also made of stainless steel ensuring no contamination or odour residual.

Scentroid SC300-P is loaded with a variety of physiological and psychological test modes such as olfactory/audio psychological evaluation where pulses of odour and visual stimuli are presented in fixed or randomly determined intervals. Other test modes can be easily programmed by the user through the graphical interface.

The SC300-P (Scientific Olfactometer with EEG Capabilities) can load up to 8 odours simultaneously. The odours are pulled automatically into theSC300-P using vacuum rather than pressurization. Ensuring reliable samples that can be created in the laboratory or obtained directly from the environment.

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