Odour mitigation

Where there are problems of odour emissions that generate nuisances, Osmotech provides its extensive expertise in identifying the type of abatement equipment, in project implementation and in the optimization of control efficiencies in systems already installed at plants.
Industrie 5The information acquired through analytical assessments, relating to the various parameters characterizing the sources, represent the real contours of the emissions framework. In order to identify correct project outlines that lead to the implementation or optimization of odour control technologies, suitable for each type of system, it is essential to correctly and accurately assess all the characteristics of the identified odour sources, such as: type of contaminants, relative concentration, physical characteristics of emissive flow and contaminants.

Impiantistica 4Our experience gained in the field has made it possible to suitably adapt odour control technologies installed in the same type of plants but with different technological characteristics.
The technological project path referred to the specific sector regulations must also be shared with the Authorities, in order to avoid any kind of conflict, which always implies serious problems for the company.

Impiantistica 2The same procedure is also followed for the optimization of already-installed odour control technologies with low abatement efficiency. In this case, the related problems are assessed, including chemical-physical checks on emission sources, bench scale tests of proposed plant solutions, agreeing the proposed solutions with the company and the Authorities, development of the executive design of agreed solutions, contacts with suppliers, implementation of the odour control technology.
Impiantistica 3Depending on the agreed solution, we provide complete assistance to the company to solve problems relating to the emissions framework, which in most cases represents the real reason behind the lack of consent in the local territory.