Odour control consultancy

Osmotech places its experience and competence at the disposal of its customers and partners for the management of any odour nuisance-related problem, providing assistance in all processes related to:

  • Prevention and reduction of odour emissions;
  • Implementation of the best measures for the management of industrial processes in close collaboration with production and internal control managers;
  • Definition of the most appropriate mitigation measures (e.g., scrubbers, biofilters);
  • Correct management and optimization of existing control/mitigation measures;
  • Control of operating conditions to ensure compliance with specified provisions of relevant regulatory authorities;


  • Professional support to control authorities for the identification and definition of the characteristic odour emissions parameters;
  • Professional support to control authorities for the definition of Emissions monitoring systems in accordance with European Directive “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control” so-called IPPC Directive (Directive 2008/1/EC of 15 January 2008);
  • Compliance evaluation of production processes data within authorisation requirements;
  • Selection and implementation of abatement measures to mitigate odour impacts;
  • Consultancy and support in legal disputes with the Public Administration;
  • Continuous assistance to the Control Authorities;