Local administrations

Osmotech provides advice and support to local authorities in their regulatory roles in preventing, regulating and controlling odours in the territory. To do this we employ a team of qualified experts and an accredited odour laboratory for chemical and olfactometric analyses.In its consulting services, Osmotech uses advanced odour nuisance measuring methods.

Studies and flied survey

  • Toxicological evaluation of odour emissions and human exposure assessments (Hazard Index);
  • Mathematical odour dispersion modelling studies for odour impact assessment;
  • Identification of the tracer molecules of odorous emissions and related research in odour emissions episodes in order to identify the responsible sources;
  • Instrumental odour monitoring: environmental air monitoring with Instrumental Odour Monitoring Systems (IOMS) in order to determine odour frequency at sensitive receptors;
  • Environmental air monitoring with portable olfactometers and qualified odour assessors;
  • Odour impact assessment by trained odour assessors (human panel) according to VDI 3940 – Part 1 (2006), in order to evaluate nuisance levels generated by industrial activities in time and space;
  • Environmental air monitoring in order to define a baseline ambient odour level.

Moreover, Osmotech provides odour training services to specialists for recognising and evaluating environmental odours.