For laboratories receiving olfactory analysis requests, Osmotech offers support for the rental / purchase of odour sampling equipment and the performance of chemical and olfactometric analyses of gaseous samples.


  • Supply of odour sampling tools;
  • Assistance in sampling odour emissions ;


Chemical and sensory testing

  • Odour concentration testing and hedonic tone assessment;
  • Chemical analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs);
  • Identification and characterization of odorous Volatile Organic Compounds;
  • Identification of odorous compounds via gas chromatography-mass spectrometry/olfactometry (GC-MS/O)

Analisi GC/MS 1

Field surveys

  • Odour impact monitoring using IOMS instrumental odour monitoring systems;
  • Environmental air monitoring with portable olfactometers and qualified odour assessors;
  • Environmental air monitoring to identify odour sources and confirm dispersion modelling results;

Odour Field Inspection 3


Osmotech provides training and research in the field of odour sampling, analysis and assessment of odour emissions.


Exclusive distributor for Italy of Ides Canada instrumentation