Industries can emit bad odours into the surrounding environment that need to be mitigated. Chemical analysis and olfactometry tests are used to assess these emissions, evaluating the odour impact range and determining the efficiency of scrubbers to control odours.
In the absence of national legislation on odours, Osmotech applies the Guidelines and Regional Laws currently in force (Lombardy Region Guidelines No. IX / 3018, Puglia regional law No. 23 of 16 April 2015).

Industrie 1Industrial products may have unpleasant organoleptic characteristics due to production processes, raw materials or the intrinsic characteristics of the product. Chemical and sensory analysis of odour emissions provides crucial information for understanding the causes of bad odours, and therefore how to eliminate them.

Osmotech intervenes in the following phases:

Project phase

  • Consultancy services to define the type of odour control technology;
  • Estimation of the extent of the odour impact area, using dispersion modelling;
  • Preventive impact assessment on the local community;
  • Development of air dispersion modelling;
  • Consultancy services on the best course of action for odour management and control activities;
  • Sensory investigation in the field to determine a baseline ambient odour level.

Implementation phase

  • Advice on appropriate odour management and control measures, helping clients to comply with any odour management plans required by the Regulator;
  • Testing of industrial processes and abatement plant performance;
  • Monitoring of odour emissions.

Processing phase

  • Identification of odorous tracers;
  • Consultancy for the identification of priorities and improvement actions to be adopted for minimizing odour impacts;
  • Optimization of procedures and controls (for processes and abatement plants);
  • Training services for staff responsible for abatement plants;
  • Supervision and continuous odour impact monitoring systems manageable over the web.