Smell and measure

We monitor and assess the odours produced by industrial plants and processes and help our customers to comply with any odour management plans required by the regulator and respect the environment.

Odour Field Inspection

The smell is not a property of molecules but of our nose.


Our specialist odour laboratory determines odour concentration objectively, using olfactometry techniques based on a Scentroid SS600 olfactometer, in accordance with standard UNI EN 13725:2004.

Odour assessment in order to control it

The Petrochemical industry is one of the most powerful producers of sulphide molecules, odour nuisances whose emissions must be correctly assessed to control the impact they have on the local environment.

Natural odours and annoyances

Also, natural odours can generate olfactory nuisances: livestock farms, especially large ones, can have a significant olfactory impact on the environment.  

Our team of odour scientists

Odour nuisance can be a problem for industries, local administrations, laboratories and individuals. We are able to objectively determine the concentration of an odour, helping to mitigate olfactory stress factors.


LOCALADMINISTRATIONS LABORATORIES ISTITUZIONI LABORATORIES INDUSTRIES DISCOVER OUR SERVICESAND EXPERTISEIN THE AREAOF YOUR INTEREST • Procedures forthe correct managementof odour nuisances • Objective representationof the odour-emission impact • Support to reducingodour-relatedsocial conflicts • Preventionof criticalenvironmental situations • Consultancy servicesto defineoptimal abatement criteria • Evaluation of correctivemeasures to improve emissions • Support to Authorizingand Control Authorities • Customer support • Supportin the interpretationof chemical and sensorydata • Reliabilityof results

Il laboratorio olfattometrico

L’olfatto umano per una misurazione oggettiva dell’odore

L’analisi olfattometrica misura la concentrazione di odore secondo la norma comunitaria UNI EN 13725:2004. L’olfattometro a diluizione dinamica Scentroid SS600, con 6 postazioni di panelisti per postazione, grazie all’olfatto umano consente di valutare oggettivamente le emissioni odorigene.

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Analisi olfattometriche

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Analisi olfattometriche